Mozilla Corporation 2008, 2009–Present

  • I work primarily on Firefox, a product with ½ billion users.
  • Most of my work involves JavaScript, with some XUL, CSS, C++, and Objective-C.
  • I am a Browser and Toolkit peer, which means I can review code that makes up most of the UI and supporting services in the Firefox product.
  • I mentored two interns and worked with many external contributors
  • I assisted in several API designs (async form history, Jetpack APIs)
  • Notable Projects:
    • Switched Password Manager to SQLite
    • Per Tab Network Prioritization
    • Cascaded Session Restore & Restore on Demand
    • Jetpack Prototype / Add-on SDK
    • Integrated Sync extension into product
    • OS X integration (Lion Full Screen)
    • Windows CE integration

One True Love Vintage Rentals 2010–Present

  • I implemented & maintain the website.
    I originally wrote it using PHP, but rewrote it using Ruby on Rails.
  • Future plans include an complete inventory management system and integration with external APIs (Freshbooks, Highrise).

Open Source

V8Monkey & SpiderNode

  • I worked with a few other people to get Node.js running on top of SpiderMonkey.
  • I went to inaugural NodeConf; did Q&A on stage with Brendan Eich.
  • I now work with contributors to keep the project somewhat active.

Other Projects

  • I authored and contributed to several Firefox extensions.
  • I contributed to fast-export, a tool to convert Hg repositories to Git.
  • I have contributed to a number of tools/scripts at Mozilla.
  • I try to be a participant, not just a user — I try to report and/or fix bugs I find.

Other Experience

The Carnegie Pulse 2005–2009

  • I wrote a Ruby on Rails powered application for scheduling courses.

Yahoo! Inc. 2007

  • I wrote frontend code for the Autos team using mostly PHP and JS.


Carnegie Mellon University 2004–2008

  • Bachelor of Science, Information Systems
  • Master of Information Systems Management