I’m now into my third week here at Mozilla, working on Firefox. It’s been a tiring 2 weeks so far, but I’ve enjoyed every second.

For those of you who don’t know, I was an intern on the Firefox team last summer. I primarily worked on the password manager and a performance analysis tool. I was offered a full-time position soon after the summer ended, and while I did some looking around, I realized that I wanted to be at Mozilla. I loved the company, the people, and the work I would do — so overall it was right for me.

After an extended winter break, I flew out here with Amanda on February 17^(th), a Tuesday. Amanda had been looking at apartment stuff like a fiend, and while I helped, she found a bunch of great places for us to see and did the real work with that. So we spent Wednesday & Thursday looking at ~20 apartments. CitiApartments may (apparently) be the spawn of Satan when it comes to housing in SF, but Hilary was an incredibly helpful agent, if perhaps a little unconventional. It turns out that the apartment we really wanted was the first one we saw on Wednesday morning. Friday was spent making sure our application went through, and jumping through hoops to get my money from my bank in Pennsylvania in order to get certified checks. It all worked out; we signed our lease on Saturday and moved in Monday/Tuesday. We’re working on making the place a bit more homey, but it’s coming along and hopefully we’ll have a little housewarming when there are places for people to sit.

Back to Work

I joined the team as we’re wrapping up Firefox 3.1 3.5, and since I’m already relatively familiar with the code base, I got to start working on fixing blockers & participating in sprints. My first week was also a Firefox “work week,” where the Firefox team physically gets together (we’re spread out around the world), and gets stuff done face-to-face. We came up with a bunch of good ideas for what we want to be and how to make people excited about Firefox — that’s where our sprints came from.

I look forward to working with everybody here and meeting those of you who I haven’t met yet. Remember, I’m not an intern this time around :)