About Paul

Bullet points are easier to write than a proper paragraph, so I’m going to be lazy.

  • I’m married to an amazing woman.
  • I currently work at Facebook.
  • I used to work on Firefox at Mozilla.
  • I have a dog named Remy & a cat named Ozlo!
  • I’m originally from the east coast of the US, growing up outside Philadelphia and then living in Pittsburgh for school. The west coast really is the best coast though. San Francisco was home for many years before moving to Seattle.
  • I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University twice in 2008. First with a BS in Information Systems and then later with a MS in Information Systems Management.
  • I’m social on Twitter & Facebook.
  • I put code on Github.
  • I listen to music on Rdio Spotify & track that with last.fm.
  • When I remember, I put photos on Flickr.
  • I have a LinkedIn account but really don’t like it.
  • For a slightly more professional presentation that isn’t guaranteed to be up to date, I have my résumé as well.

tl;dr I do stuff on the internet.

About zpao.com

This site has gone through many iterations. It was on the web with a couple “free to host” providers and free domains (.tk anyone?). Then in 2004 Matt Claypotch & I decided to go dutch on hosting with Dreamhost and this (along with many other sites) have been there since. For a long time I had a Wordpress site here, then I was using Tumblr, then I wrote my own blogging software, then I was using Tumblr again, then I started using Jekyll. I’m sticking with that for the foreseeable future. There’s been a blog here for a long time. I’ve kept a lot of those posts around but let’s be honest, they weren’t all in the greatest taste.

The current design was probably inspired by iA Writer. I’ve been using it a lot over the past few years to do most of my writing and I really enjoy the simplicity of it. As much as I would like, I can’t use their custom typeface here, so I’m using Inconsolata for everything.


If you want the quickest & shortest response, Twitter is probably the best way. Otherwise, I do my best to respond to email as quickly as possible.