GeekTool is awesome. Is the Tree Green? is awesome. So together they are SUPER AWESOME! + GeekTool by zpao, on Flickr


Historically, I’m a Ruby guy, but I started learning Python for a Django project I’m (barely) working on. So I picked up a book here at work & decided to flex my pythons a little bit. You can laugh, it’s punny.

The first pass of this took me ~20 minutes, and I just tidied it up this morning so it would take command line options.


If you’re reading this and actually need to know whether or not the tree is green, then you should be able to figure it out. GeekTool is OS X only, but there are similar programs for Windows and Linux.

It’s easy enough to do what I did in the image above. The program can take 2 arguments treename and output. Run it with -h for usage.


A big thanks to Justin Dolske for Is the Tree Green?. He deserves more credit for this than I.