No, I didn’t mean to press ⌘Q, I just wanted to close that tab. Sure, all I have to do is start Firefox again. You’re right, I didn’t really need those minutes of my life. Yea, go ahead and install those updates I intentionally was putting off. I probably didn’t lose any important information. Oh wait, Session Restore doesn’t save form data on https sites (read: Bugzilla) by default? FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Always Ask is an add-on that adds an additional prompt to Firefox when you are quitting. The prompt only shows up if Firefox has determined that you don’t need a prompt. This includes when you have Session Restore enabled, if you’ve changed either of the browser.warnOn* prefs, or if you don’t have Session Restore enabled & are closing multiple tabs. There’s probably some other combination of conditions that change the outcome here.

Since I work on Session Restore, I’ve had it turned on for a long time. In the past I’ve intentionally changed my preferences so that it wouldn’t automatically quit, but that has led to me accidentally setting prefs and disabling the prompt. Then I have the same problem.

So this extension is pretty simple. It’s currently available in English (en-US) but if you’d like to see it in your language, feel free to help out on Babelzilla. Code is available on Github (thanks to hg-git).

Always Ask in action