I haven’t updated on the blog recently, so here’s the past 3 weeks all at once.

The week of September 7, I was working on a couple blockers.

The week of September 14, I was in Pittsburgh recruiting at the Carnegie Mellon TOC (job fair). I also did some work on Per Tab Network Prioritization (bug 514490) and a password manager performance bug (bug 492197).

This past week I worked on a few different things. I finished the password manager bug (which I hadn’t finished because of a non-syntax-error-syntax-error). While helping Henrik as he was using the storage API, Shawn mentioned that one of the methods I used was deprecated (though never explicitly). So I filed the bugs and fixed the places that used the deprecated code (hint: use executeStep() instead of step() and don’t use mozIStorageStatementWrapper). Filing the bugs took longer than fixing them.

But all of that was unrelated to …

Per Tab Network Prioritization Status


  • Made it a JS module. This was advice from Dietrich to cut down on overhead. Since it was only being used from JS code, there was no need to use XPCOM.
  • Made it pref enabled. Right now it’s browser.networkprioritizer.enabled but that’s easy to change.
  • Got a first pass look from Shawn, fixed a few things up.

Next Steps

  • Reviews. It seems like Boris is the guy for the job. Still need a browser person. Gavin said sometime after Fennec stuff, Connor said 2 weeks. Dolske said “soon”, so he’ll probably be the lucky guy, even if he isn’t a peer.