new firefox default home page

The new Firefox default home page is seriously sexy. Seriously.

A couple weeks ago Stephen Horlander designed an updated default home page for Firefox. Over the weekend, we landed most of it. So first off, a huge thanks to him.

Mihai Sucan did an awesome job converting the HTML & CSS Steven prototyped into something we could check in, which involved a lot of fun with media queries (seriously, resize your window with it open), as well as a lot of work to make sure it worked with RTL locales.

And then finally, I hooked up the “Restore Previous Session” button. Not the HTML & CSS (that was Stephen & Mihai), just the parts that made it hide when appropriate and work when pressed. Now hopefully a few people realize that feature exists :)

I also can’t forget to mention Marco Bonardo, who hooked up about:home back in August so that we could even get to this point.

Keep in mind, the image I’m showing here is the unbranded “Minefield” version of the page. When loading this in Firefox it won’t look like your computer is going to explode. I think there is a little bit more tweaking that will be done, but it already looks so much better than it used to.