It’s been a while since I last wrote about recruiters, but when I saw a LinkedIn email with the subject “This is some good S**T”, I knew it would be good…

Hi Paul,

This is some good S**T Every manager and candidate I talk to says they want PASSION in the people they hire, the people they work with, and the position they hold. But when I actually speak with an individual who can CONVEY that passion and not just mouth the words, it’s a real treat. So I’m talking to this manager, and when we challenge her on the passion part, man did she go off. I mean wow. The descriptions are basically the same. RubyRubyRubyRuby. Ruby Tuesday, Ruby will you be mine, Jack Ruby, Rub on rails, Ruby don’t bring your love to town, Ruby Red. But what you will be doing, what you will be working on, what you will discover, what you will learn…Its impossible to convey the excitement this person displayed, the descriptions she gave, the PASSION she felt for her company and product. Really, you HAVE tow work her. Please call or send resume to; 415-951-8051 to get hooked up. Not everyone will qualify, but as she said “S**T, its worth a conversation!!!” I LOVE this woman!

My response:

This is the worst recruiter email I’ve gotten in a while.

  1. “This is some good S**T” - Are you fucking serious?
  2. This whole thing reads like you’re trying to sell me drugs, not a job.
  3. Do you really expect somebody else to be excited by this? There’s nothing in here that says anything about the job.
  4. Spelling and grammer mistakes.

Don’t contact me again.

Edit: yes, I misspelled “grammar”. And then I learned about Muphry’s Law.

Joe noticed too and responded with a single word email: