If you’ve followed my blogging habits, you’ll know that I’ve tried a bunch of different solutions (greymatter, livejournal, blogger, wordpress, etc.) before finally rolling my own. Wordpress lasted several years before being retired. Then I tried tumblr. It was a cool concept, but I ended up just pulling in twitter & photo feeds and that got messy. I finally built my own and have been really happy with it, but I feel like every post there needs to be important — it feels too serious. The other problem I have is that I just don’t have the time to tinker as much as I used to. Having a full-time job is (SURPRISE!) time consuming. By the time I’m home I just want to relax and get away from my computer. If I want to write something, I just want it to be easy.

Now I’m back on tumblr with the hopes that I have more fun with it. As Cameron Moll said the other day, I really like the idea of mixing interesting links with full content that John Gruber and Jason Kottke do so well.

So I’ll be doing just that: sharing cool things, thoughts that are too long for twitter, and maybe some full-length articles. I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting my work-related status reports here (it’s something we do now, but I’ve been terrible about) or if those would be better elsewhere. I’ll make that call… tomorrow.

I’ve kicked off the fun by showing off my desktop.