I just launched a new app that lets you yell at your TV via twitter. It’s nothing fancy, but it was a good little bit of fun.

Is LOST on yet?

While this was an idea I had been kicking around for a while, it was the work done by Rick Olsen on Is LOST on yet? that made me decide to do this.

Feature Poor

It’s worse than feature poor right now. There’s only the first page right now.

Hopefully I’ll be adding features over the next week or so. The primary thing I want to add is some support for hashtags, allowing you to view tweets for a show, season, or episode. Something like #lost-s05e01. It shouldn’t be that much work, so hopefully I’ll find some time to do that.

Dreamhost Pains

I originally made this in Sinatra, but that didn’t work out so well on Dreamhost for a few reasons. I fucked around for a bit trying to get it to work, but gave up and instead rewrote it using Ruby on Rails. I really do like Dreamhost, but for projects like this, it’d be nice to host it with ease, using the framework of my choice.

So give it a try: